Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday.... and what a lovely day it was.

Well so much for this heavy rain and winds we were suppose to be getting.... Today we went to Mt was a gorgeous day outside just a bit of a breeze a bit of cloud cover... just bliss. We got there about 10am so got to the Easter extravaganza before the crowds, they had closed of the main street.

This first photo is of the Farmers Market there....not a very big one in the Mount. 

Just a smidgin of the Easter thingee....

David spoilt me and got me this lovely bag, it is actually a much deeper blue than this with a tinge of purple. 

We then went out for lunch in Tauranga and had a drive around Papamoa dreaming of the houses we would love to buy had we won lotto last night. I took the chair today as I had walked a bit yesterday. 

This afternoon I have been finding some low carb recipe ideas that are basic and not full of cheese.... found quite a few actually so that should keep me going for a bit. 

Now I am just going to finish reading my ibook on the ipad and relax, we are both still quite full from lunch, well I am, think David might be going to his mums for dinner as his brother is over, I cant be bothered and my arms are pretty sore think from the lowering of the meds......

So all in all so far this weekend has been great, and tomorrow we are meeting Lee-Anne and her hubby for lunch which will be nice. Nice to be out socializing for a change - must keep it up :)


  1. Love your bag. The Mount looked like a fun place to be today.

    Isn't the weather amazing. I packed lots of warm clothes as well as the summery things I've been wearing. Doesn't look as though I'll need the winter woolies. We are in Sala St. Thought it would be noisy but quiet now, 8pm.


  2. Hi I sent an email with my ph so you can text me a time and place.

    Look forward to seeing you.

    It's nice to be in town for a day or so.


  3. Love the bag, gorgeous colour :-)