Sunday, April 15, 2012


Today I think we are suppose to be going to Whakatane for a drive...... but will decide properly when everyone else gets up yes the story of my life I am the one up nearly always early. 

Yesterdays food was right on track and water was 1 1/2 litres so increasing slowly. 

Below is a photo of Miss Chico looking very mucky after having a dig in the garden and yes I need to groom around the eyes again...... actually Miss Chico has been going through a naughty stage lately ggggrrrrrrr, teaching Biscuit naughty habits. I am sure she is to fat but suppose that will be good over the winter down here with all the frosts lol. (The vets have never said anything but boy she is a hungus with food)

Well might go and make some breakfast and have a shower maybe that will wake up the rest of the house......

Carb wise seem to be doing pretty good, I am aiming about 80 - 100 grams of carbs a day for now which is what seems to be recommended if you want to lose weight and are huge..... most days I don't seem to even near that amount but 100 grams is my max. 

Oh am going to cut my day meds back again and see if that gets rid of the dizziness else the next stop will be stopping them completely. I know that will mean another increase in pain but so be it.....

Went to Whakatane and I hated it..... I am over it all the pain has got to me bloody stupid f**kin CRPS!!!!

Goals for today:

  • Good Food Choices

  • Water minimum 1.5 Litres 

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  1. I agree. Some days it's not easy to even get close to 80 gm carbs because the meals are so satisfying. I do work at being around 50 gm but that's just the way my body works at present.

    I;m going to have a go at making a spongy/fluffy savoury roulade today.

    Best wishes lowering your pain meds. Have a lovely day. Me... another quiet day at home. This could be addictive*smiles*