Sunday, April 22, 2012


The kids are back at school tomorrow, bugger have enjoyed the company. Today over to Paeroa to meet the ex for kids pick up. 

So until then lets see not much at all, oh yeah got another assignment back and just passed whew.... considering it was my very first assignment (in years) I am grateful I passed. 

Todays plans not sure, yesterday we got some organic breakfast sausages think I will cook those up with bacon and eggs for breakfast.... got to love this way of eating.

Ummm can not think of anything else so might head off and do something constructive :), oh yeah I changed the background of my blog in case you had not noticed and I added my little dream ok not so little but big dream in the side bar to the ---------> a cottage by the sea, and if not by the sea I will be very happy with the cottage :) - wonder if we won some lotto money last night.

I have been giving Steph heaps about believing in your dreams and if you want something bad enough you can make it work.... so there you go I am believing my own advice.

Catch you later on this rather chilly but what is going to be a lovely day :)

Oh and better news yet we are going to be staying here for our trip all confirmed :), so anyone in the Gold Coast want to catch up in 12 months time, oh hang on it is now less than 12 months time we will have plenty of time :)

Went out for lunch, which was not really nice had a chicken burger but left the bun behind....... probably to cause I was still full from breaky lol... oh and the organic beef and vegetable sausages were yummy... 

Time to leave soon for Paeroa :)


  1. Yaaa for passing your assignment! I am sure you will do well with all of them.

    You have the same dream as me.

    I bet you can't wait to get to the Gold Coast, it is lovely there.

  2. That's great news passing your assignment. Well done.
    You will love the Gold Coast I am sure...we do :) It's a few years ago now but we stayed at the Santorini appartments and they were nice then. Since then we have stayed with friends we we go and have managed to see quite a bit of the area.
    Enjoy what is left of the weekend. :)

  3. Jackie, I need to correct you there.
    I have said on a few ocassions that I have felt like stopping my blog because of the shit it can cause, like the other day.

    NOT because I was not getting enough bloody comments!

    I am not that pathetic.
    And I sure in hell do not think it is fair to say I deliberately put personal stuff on so I will get more comments either.

    AND that is all I will say, right back at ya.

  4. After those sausages for brekky you would have had no room for much lunch!! Nice feeling though to be full and yet not "guilty" huh? Good on you for leaving that bun. Stu does that all the time, I just don't order burgers anymore.

  5. Congratulations on passing your exam:)