Sunday, April 29, 2012


Today I am hoping to get to the Anne Frank exhibition at the museum, yesterday in town was the marathon so would have been so busy.

The scales have gone back down again yay.... and speaking of scales that comes back to food, yip I have changed my plan again, I know I know I hear you saying "what now", well yesterday I said I was going vegetarian, well I wouldn't say it was vegetarian, but am going to say it is Jaxx's eating plan, which consists of mainly no meat with a bit of free range meat added in..... I am going to avoid all processed food with animal rennet or animal products in it (which is a hell of a lot),  I stopped reading all this stuff on the net cause it was doing my head in, so I am going to do what I feel is right for me and not what I read about lol. So basically we will be eating chicken a couple of times a week, fish maybe once a week and the rest will be no meat meals.... as Lynda said yesterday in her post "we can not change the world but we can help a bit", I will not buy leather products anymore not that I hardly did anyway and I will just keep tweaking this plan till it works perfect. Also over time as things run out I will change to Palm Oil Free stuff..... so little changes to help the world :)....So there you have it.... :)

Have the rental car for another week, cause my car is only getting towed to the panel beaters tomorrow so will probably be without a car for a couple of days the week after that but thats ok will give me a chance to use my feet and catch a bus if I need anything, or I might just use David's car lol. 

Today I am going to write up my exercise plan which I will do twice a week to begin with, the cardio will be 3 days a week though it wont be much it will all start to build up my strength that I have lost over the last 12 months thanks to CRPS. I know I cant do much cardio but I am aiming to be able to walk 5 km's by the time we go on our trip next year without causing a flare up and that means the chair will only be used for longer outings with heaps of walking.... or I can maybe do 1 trip without the chair and the next day use the chair.... 

Anyway thats it from me for now.

Correction Lynda said this "I don't think we can do everything right in the world, but we can certainly try to make better choices"  - Whoops sorry Lynda :)

I am not well, not sure why think it is the pain, not going out today and I am craving hot chips from a fish and chip shop so guess where David is - I really do have a good hubby :)

You know what though today I am feeling a lot of pain, I still do not regret going of the meds.... Did I enjoy the chips no not really in the end lol.
Tomorrow I have the hand specialist and then I need to finish part 2 of my :)


  1. Actually I said "I don't think we can do everything right in the world, but we can certainly try to make better choices" - hehe... slightly different.

    I think it is time for more people to wake up and make better choices for their health but most people seem to be oblivious to it all... sadly.

  2. I really like your idea of Jaxx's Eating Plan.

    I think we all need to step back from all the food, weight loss and nutrition experts every now and then and decide what works for us.

    Having said that I think I'm becoming a Protester Against Modern Wheat. LOL.

    About meat. I grew up on a sheep and cattle farm. I have no problems with most of the way food farming is practiced in NZ although I'll be glad when battery hens become a rarity and pigs are given fields to roam. Factory farming is disgusting and I put some of the way we dairy farm in NZ in there too.

    Good farmers still value their stock and land and care for it properly but it's often hard to equate financial realities with how you'd like to do things.

    I guess growing up before farming was greatly affected by machines and chemicals gives me a different perspective. I don't want to turn the clock back but so much wisdom was thrown out to accommodate modern science.

    You sound wonderfully positive.


  3. Hello Jackie, I see on your left handside column that you enjoy reading my blog! I'm very happy about it and would like to thank you for your support!