Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thought this deserved a post of its own.....

I must admit I have not really taken much interest in foods with palm oil, but finally this week I have been doing some research about it, and I am definitely going to start buying palm oil free foods and products, I won't go into it on here, but use google or click on the picture on the left and that will take you to a New Zealand database of foods which are palm oil free......

I am also going to really make more of an effort with organic foods as well.
Finally I am going to take care of my body with the best choices I can, and also help the little and big animals, hell one day I might not even eat animals and become a vegetarian, have done it before a few few years ago......

Anyway that's it from me..... But please if nothing else check out what damage is getting done with the use of palm oil.

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  1. I agree about the palm oil. One of the reasons I try to buy foods that are not processed but I saw on a documentary the other night the palm oil is hidden in so many goods.

    About eating meat. If you buy and eat "ethical" meats then that is a great compromise. One step at a time :)

  2. Thanks for sharing that - I will definitely go and check it out.
    Have a great weekend !
    Love, hugs and positive energy.