Friday, April 13, 2012

Today I feel......

bloody brilliant, have no idea why, maybe because so far I have been getting B or more passes for my assignments, maybe it is because I have not had any processed foods for a couple of days, maybe it is the low carb, maybe it is cause the kids are home, maybe it is the decrease in meds that is making me more alert ok more painful but for now I can deal with that, who knows and who cares I am just going to enjoy this feeling....

Today back into the study and then I am going to watch an episode of the Biggest Loser the American one finally learnt how I can download it, so watched part of Ep 1 last night will finish that today and do Ep 2 today maybe..... am about to go and do my exercise in the minute. 

Today I need to get Steph signed up for Avon selling, will be good for her to try and make a bit of money. Will be checking what is Palm Oil friendly or not on the Avon products I may purchase..... Yip folks I am becoming a do-gooder :)

Anyway better get moving half the morning has gone already :)

Exercise done no mucking around for this chick :)

Yay have just learnt how to do a graph in excel for my psychology lab report....... got to love learning :)

Wow I can not believe how many products contain Palm Oil, it will take me a long time to find alternatives, think when I do my grocery shopping will have the list on my iPhone and go from there, for each item I change over will be a positive. My mission for 2012 to change as much as I can to Palm Oil-Free products.

Oh and my brand new drink bottle filter broke, I dropped it thanks CRPS, so will just refill it with the filtered water from the jug :)

Today food was good till dinner time had Chinese and hated most of it.... So that's good. And water was about 500mls, so will work on that tomorrow.

Todays Goals:

  • Exercise

  • Water Minimum 1 litre

  • Study

  • Low Carb Eating.

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  1. Great going :) Love hearing you so positive. :)
    Have a great weekend.