Saturday, April 14, 2012

Today I weighed.....

Since Tuesday since I started Low Carbing I have lost 3.8lbs (1.7Kilos), weigh in for me will be a Saturday as it is easiest for me.... so needless to say I am stoked with that.
Yesterday I did not cross of two my things on my list, I blew the eating with Chinese but thats ok and got pissed with my water bottle for breaking so I drunk diet coke :). But today is a new day and meals are all planned :)
Today only 2 goals, no actual exercise planned but would like to get out for a small walk as it is so nice and no study on Saturday or Sunday unless I am behind.
Just over 1 year till our trip, I so cant wait for it, my god if I could lose 100lbs it would be so bloody awesome.
Today not sure of plans everyone is still in bed so I am just enjoying the time alone lol, as if I don't get enough time alone throughout the week. I suppose I should be saying am enjoying the not rushing around.
Seeing as my expensive water filter broke from my water bottle (I dropped it whoops), I am just filling my bottle up with filtered water.

I have been so light headed today and not sure why cause I am taking less than half the meds I was taking a couple of weeks ago. Think I might have to cut back some more, the pain is starting to get one hell of a lot worse but that's life I suppose. I have to make a decision have less pain and live in lala land or deal with the pain but be somewhat normal.

Anyway that's it from me tonight, think we are going out tomorrow..... So catch you then.

Todays Goals:

  • Water (Minimum 1 litre)

  • Low Carb Eating


  1. All I can say is keep to the plan, don't make it too hard, don't give up if you eat something you feel was not right and look to the future. If you don't stick to this then what? Just remember you have a plan and it will work if you believe in it.

    Don't stress about water - your body will tell you when it is thirsty :) Have a great weekend.

  2. Good for you jackie good loss keep up the good work

  3. That's an exciting start.

    It so helps when something pays off.