Thursday, April 12, 2012

Today there will be no .......

Study or exercise on my list - just the water and low carb eating as I am off to Hamilton to pick up the kids and I need all my energy and focus on that.

Food was another excellent day yesterday, homemade hamburgers were really nice without the buns of course :). 

Man it got dark early last night by 5pm I had the curtains shut and with the rain was snuggling up in the lounge. Could still see the rain out the smaller window in the lounge. 

Tonights dinner at this stage is sausages, egg salad and veges easy as I am sure I will be pretty knackered on my return. 

This time round I am not being so hard on myself my goal is to aim for 80% Low carb eating and whatever else happens happens, if I can make the right choices great but if I cant so be it :)

My foods are all as much free range and organic as I can get round here, yes you pay more but I feel it tastes better and the eggs always look so much yummier... we have a butcher here in town that sells some organic meat will go and check him out, I am not so worried about the meat as in New Zealand here we have pretty good meat. But I will as much as possible avoid piggie meat and chicken meat that is not free range. Free range is a high priority on my list and then organic second. Like I will buy some organic fruits other times not, I will buy organic tinned tomatoes, use organic seasonings when I can, organic coconut cream etc... I am far from perfect but I try and do my bit :)

Anyway thats it from me....

Well back from Hamilton, wore the splint had the pillow in the car and the trip went ok, a bit sore on the way home but to be expected.... anyway it is wet outside Steph and I are now in our PJ's and just veging out.... nice to have company again, the kids are here till Friday next week yay :)

Food so far today is right on track :)

Yay another assignment back and a pass and better than what I thought....

Todays Goals:

  • Water Minimum 1 litre
  • Low Carb Eating


  1. I agree about food. I think our meat in NZ is pretty good as it is grass fed, unlike some other countries. Our next focus is more organic products like sausages etc which can be full of rubbish. You can only do so much and cutting the sugar and wheat will do enormous good for your health alone.

  2. Good to hear your plan. At least in Rotorua you have plenty of choices and not too far from Taurangs for fresh garden stuff when you want to go out.

    Thanks again for the restaurant vouchers. They are very good value. I think we spent about $42 and saved about $30. That's a pretty good deal for a nicely meal.

  3. Safe travelling !

    Take care.

  4. Good to know the trip went well.