Saturday, April 7, 2012


Today we did a day of bitzy things like getting me some new nose piercings so am starting to get a collection, also got some water filters for the water jugs and also got me a filter water bottle so that I will drink water easier :), and some other bits and pieces, then had lunch with another lady who has CRPS which was nice to catch up again.

Lee-Anne do you and Mr T want to meet for lunch on Monday or a coffee on Monday sometime. I sent you a txt. 

Now I am relaxing tomorrow weather permitting we are hoping to go to the Mount for the day so cross fingers it will all be fine.

Am feeling much happier now I have changed a few things in my life, lets hope it continues, I am sure it will cause I will make it :) 

Anyway off to do some reading now on my ipad have downloaded a few good books so catch you later.

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  1. Enjoy your reading...hope tomorrow is fine for your outing.