Monday, April 30, 2012

Today..... and end of month weigh in.

If you didn't know is Monday, which means back to study, I also have the hand therapist today as well. Apart from that not much else is happening... oh Steph has an AVON meeting tonight. 

Am still feeling not the best, am not having good sleeps my wrists and hands keep waking me up when they go in funny positions and I have to straighten them out. 

Oh well thats it from me for now, oh yeah I learnt how to add a signature to my blog that was exciting lol. 

Back later :)

Ohhhhh little Miss Chico is in heat, yay we can go and get her chipped and spayed and get the hernia fixed soon. Must watch the little minx to make sure no dogs try and get into mischief with her :)

Official weigh in was today for the month of April well since April 8th I have lost 9.4 lbs (or 4.25 kilos) so made my target yay..... not bad for 3 weeks, this week I will be adding some exercise. 

Yay study done for the day, now to have some brunch, I tend to have only 2 meals a day usually it is brunch or lunch and dinner :), am loving this all, not wanting to pig out.... David got some doughnuts the other day I read the label and it had animal products in which meant I didn't want it which was brilliant. Not that I am vegetarian or anything but avoiding foods with animal products in is so going to help me with weight loss :). I do have dark chocolate as a treat and that is about my only processed junk food I have and no it does not have animal products in it. 

I feel like I have made a turn in my life and that the future is going to be pretty good CRPS and all, I am feeling pretty happy about life most of the time now, and am so looking forward to the trip to the Gold Coast next year being skinner and having the wheelchair is just going to make it so much more fun unlike the honeymoon last year where I did not know then I had CRPS and was in so much pain I just could not enjoy it, Yip life is pretty darn good right now :)

I need to get my feet used to shoes and sox for when I start back at work as I think that will be one of my biggest issues as they burn really easy when they get warm or have anything against them, yes I am a jandal girl summer and winter since CRPS.... so today I wore them for just on 8 minutes and did a 600 meter walk, so far so good,  yes I know not much but have to start somewhere, I am just proud that I did it :).

Spoke to soon, my feet are ok but my arms are so sore..... :(, time to take some tramadol, and go to bed soon I think.


  1. Cheers Jackie. How appropriate for such a good loss.

    Hope all goes well today with study and therapist.

    Having your sleep broken by pain is not a good thing. Makes me lazy during the day. So hard to stay on focus with what I want to do.

    You do well.

    Hope you can keep little Chico safe


  2. That's a fantastic loss Jackie. Well done you.

  3. Great loss!
    Sounds like Miss Chico is on a similar cycle to her Mum.... 8 months .... I hope all goes well with her visit to the vet.