Sunday, April 1, 2012

What the hell.....

I am falling asleep all the time lately, on the couch, in the chair, in the car, and no not when I am driving but when David is... and nearly fell asleep in the cafe today at Taupo, speaking of Taupo got to catch up with Sharon or (Blondie) as some of you know her by briefly but still touched base :) I seem to be so tired have no idea why could it be the meds..... flipped if I know, but I am scared to drive now cause I just seem to nod off anywhere anytime so not like me at all..... speaking of Taupo here are a few pics...
The marina

 David and I
 Steph and Chris
 And some ducks...

Been thinking what I need to do to achieve my goal of losing weight... 

  1. Rejoin Weightwatchers (Yes I know a real obvious goal)
  2. Have no shit food in the house to tempt me when I am home alone
  3. Put in my diary a time to move be it biking or walking
  4. Meet people in Rotorua so that I am not so lonely
Well thats a start anyway, that will be my goals for this week anyway.

Tomorrow my father is coming to visit that in-itself is a stress for me.... though I love my father dearly we just do not get along...... I only see him once in a blue moon now as we live a good drive away.
Tuesday will be busy finishing my assignment, which need to be in by midnight Wednesday, thank god for internet submission now lol... gives you those couple of extra days. 

Anyway thats it from me am tired now....


  1. Lovely pics..

    Hope you can sort the tiredness out...must be a worry. x

  2. Probably is some of the medication you are on. Maybe talk to your Dr about it?