Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Where the hell....

is this year going, well month, days whatever they are just going to bloody quick.

Yesterday another successful day food wise, kinda study wise, and water wise exercise well nope didn't happen. 

I am really struggling with the assignment I am doing, today I am going to bite the bullet and just get on with it, and what will be will be. 

I have the psychologist this morning......

Back later :)

Water all drunk, food has not been the best today bugger the chocolate that snuck in can I blame it on the stress...... apart from the chocolate the rest has been great, lab report 1/3 done but finally feeling like I am making some ground but god help me if we have a power cut cause I have so many windows open with journal articles etc..... best I go and save them now actually. Hopefully come tomorrow another 1/3 will be done and will finish it Monday with doing some over the weekend. 

Friday will be a quiet day as I have to meet the ex in Paeroa for kids drop off, bugger competing with the V8 traffic in Hamilton this weekend. 

Am feeling less overwhelmed by it all now.... then two more assignments done and thats it apart from exams. 

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  1. I am seriously disturbed at how quickly life is going lately. Over half way through April? What?