Friday, April 20, 2012

Whoohoo.... weigh in.

Well weighed in and have lost 4.6 lbs this week or just over 2 kilos, am stoked so in 12 days I have lost 8.4 lbs (3.8 Kilos). I am not being so strict on myself this time round and it all seems to be working :). My goal is to lose 100 lbs before our trip next year which happens to be 1 year today. which is about 9 lbs a month, so am on target for this month.

Anyway today no study am just going to finish of some housework, then driving to Paeroa to meet the ex for the kids to Auckland. 

Oh and think I have solved the butt issue, have stuck a pillow on my desk chair and it is working brilliantly. 

Anyway thats it for now....


  1. That is awesome Jackie!! I read yesterday about making loads of little changes and then in total they end up being a massive change.

    By not being so strict now, you can still keep changing things as you feel ready and able.

  2. That's so awesome. You go girl. You sound so much better which is great.

    I've been quiet. Col's back in hospital. He got an infection, had an op yesterday and another one tomorrow. Hopefully this will be the last and he can start mending.

    Another gorgeous weekend coming up.

  3. Well done - that is excellent. Keep up the good work !

    Have a great day and a better weekend !


  4. That's stunningly great.

    Congratulations on finding something that works for you.

    I'm so thrilled for you. It's good to see something going right.


  5. hey, that's awesome...go you !!

  6. That's so great. Baby steps will result in big leaps in health eventually. All good things take time :)

  7. What a fantastic loss Jackie! You deserve to be stoked about that.