Monday, April 16, 2012

Somedays life really does suck!!!!!

Yesterdays photos nothing fantastic but then I was not in a fantastic mood........ already the pain is hitting beyond a level I am comfortable with.... we went to Whakatane and Ohope.....

Below a fishing boat coming in.... heaps and heaps and heaps of boats out there....

Loved the little dolphins on the posts below......

The view from the lookout.....

Ohope Beach.......

Well folks that was the exciting day...... which I hated. I only went cause the kids wanted to go and in the end it was ruined for all.....

In fact I wish I could have written of all of yesterday, it ended in hell and this morning is not much better hardly slept due to pain. I told David last night the trip was off..... and a lot of personal stuff came up for me yesterday. 

Today I don't feel any better but I have to study so that I will do....... I need to get another assignment done. I probably wont be back here today oh and top things of I am bloody constipated already so lucky we got heaps of feijoas and will hoe into them today. 

Through all this crap the food is actually doing really well..... Which for me is a surprise.... Oh and to top it all off work has just put me back to casual which was expected BUT.... And also having few more couple of minor issues with ACC at the moment which is also making me feel crappier.... But life goes on, and even if David and I don't go on holiday together maybe I will just go myself....


  1. So sorry life turned miserable and mean yesterday. Do hope you start getting better as today progresses.


  2. Sorry you had such a sucky day yesterday. Being grumpy and angry is bad enough but I wish you didn't have to deal with the pain as well.

    I try not to make rash or important decisions when I'm feeling crappy. Hope today is betterxx

  3. I know this might be the wrong thing to say but should you up your meds. you didn't come down too fast>>> and why is the holiday off???

  4. Hi Jackie,

    I just joined your blog, and I really love the way you have it set up, it is soooo pretty! All of my favorite colors.

    I know we have the chronic pain issue in common, and I send you today, the hopes for feeling AWAP (As Well As Possible) and as tolerable a pain level as you may have today. Sometimes that's all we get, and it's enough for me to be ok. This pain is by the minute, both in how I deal with it, and how often I have it. <3

    Gentle Hugs-----<3