Thursday, May 17, 2012


No Lee-Anne it is not side effects from the meds still waiting for them to arrive. This morning I woke up with nausea and huge pain.... I am going to contact my pain specialist later today or tomorrow morning....

My parcel arrived and OMG the bag is so cool, I love it so much and love the bells on it and the bracelets are so cool too..... check her out at Kindred Spirits and support the people that need it. Click "here" for the link, I cant wait to get some more stuff from her. 

And the bracelets are so light they do not irritate the burning in my arms so I can wear them, and they adjust for the swelling in my wrists....

Anyway managed a little study today which is good, not much else to report so catch you later and please please go and check out Kindred Spirits. 


  1. Crikey. That's taking a while then. Where's it coming from. Is it a new drug or something.

    Cool bag. Very you. Hope it cheered you up.

  2. If a handbag can distract you from the pain for even a moment, then it must be worth all the money in the world.

    Wishing you a pain free day tomorrow!

  3. How lovely to receive a package in the mail - whether it's paid for or a gift, it's always a great thrill. Love the bracelets xx