Monday, May 14, 2012

Another week begins....

This morning I finished my final assignment, David just needs to proof it tonight then I can email it off.... due tonight at midnight. Exams in 4 weeks...... :(, do have a reader writer as I can not write for 2 hours at one time. 

Belated Mothers Day to all you mums out there, for me it was not a day on how I wanted it to be well maybe not what I was looking forward too.... anyway over and done with not going to dwell on it anymore. 

Chris is home today sick again......

Thats it from me am sore and tired can not remember when I last had a good sleep thanks to the pain, now have splints for both arms so maybe tonight will be the night....

Oh am looking forward to hopefully receiving my parcel from Aussie this week..... that will make my week :)


  1. I wish you a good nights sleep and a next Mothers Day exactly how you want it!

    Hope the splints at least help so you can get some sleep.

  2. Congratulations getting the assignment finished. You have great strength of mind to persist through and complete your studies on time.

    I hope you get some good sleep this week.

    Do you have a bread replacement? I want John to go wheat/grain free but he's unwilling to give up bread for even a day. He makes himself a toasted sandwich for lunch almost daily. Maybe if I wasn't so lazy I could prepare something he would eat. And he calls me undisciplined!!!


  3. Sorry your in so much pain Jackie... I hope it gets better.
    Sad you didn't have such a good Mother's Day.

  4. Goodness hope those meds help. Sounds like you've been having a bad trot lately.

    Must have another catch up again soon. Take care xxx