Thursday, May 31, 2012

I am here....

First off weigh in for the month, managed a whole 600 gram loss, but am ok with that because this month I have been struggling with the pain and now to top it all off have a head cold and hey it is a loss :). The vomiting has stopped but am still nauseous so am eating when I can and not making good choices.... I have been on the new meds for just over a week now and no real major side effects, I am hoping this will work else the next step is methadone.....

Goals for the month of June, is to refocus on food properly again...... and hope that will become easier when the nausea goes.... get back into a bit of exercise again.....

Basically I have not done much except study study study, exams in just over 2 weeks. Last weekend we went to Tauranga and popped into my sisters for a bit.... this weekend hope to catch up with Lee-Anne all going well and I am up to it. 

Oh yeah this morning was cleaning the bathroom and smashed this glass thingee which was full of water, not what I needed, water and glass everywhere, and heaps of small cuts on my hand gggggrrrrrrrr. 

Anyway think that is it for now.... Have a good long weekend for those in NZ, I plan to the kids are going to Auckland to their dads, so just David and I :)


  1. Hope you have enough pain free time to enjoy being with family this weekend.

    We'll be in Rotorua on the 10th and would love to visit if you're feeling up to it and not swamped with study.


  2. Hope the new meds continue to work and that you can enjoy your long weekend and get some time away from studying. :)

  3. NOT Methadone - it is more addictive than cocaine or P!!!!!! That really really worries me that they are suggesting that as an option for you - God I cannot imagine what it is like being in such pain all the time & I hope that they find the right combination & doses of medication to help but please please not methadone.

    Good luck with your study, I reckon you will do really well in your exams.

  4. Hope you get a nice quiet weekend.

    I hate cleaning up smashed things. It makes me grumpy.

  5. It's amazing you're able to study with all you are going through. You are clearly a very strong person. xx