Monday, May 21, 2012

A new week begins yet again...

Today I have been studying, have exams in less than 4 weeks..... the examination supervisor rang up today and it looks like I will be sitting the exams at home with a writer..... cant wait till I get a couple of weeks off to recharge the batteries in between semesters. 

Oh have also done some housework.... tomorrow David has off, not sure of plans still feeling nauseous so not really wanting to go out... maybe we will go for a coffee. I have heard from the pain specialist and there looks like there was a muck up with the meds so maybe this week.... I am so over feeling like crap. And the worse part is my head is saying go out and have fun but the pain and stomach os telling me a different story. 

Nothing else exciting to say, oh we did have a huge frost this morning, I am not enjoying the cold this year bring back summer..... please


  1. For me the hardest part of cooler weather is adjusting my food.

    With all your pain and nausea I guess that's not your priority right now.

    Poor John is asking what he can have for lunch that has no wheat. He doesn't seem to like my food much.

    Hope you and David can get out together.


  2. OOO I don't envy you the frosts... I used to live 30 minutes out of Rotorua, caught a bus in to go to Girl's High... it was bitter cold.
    I think you need to keep warm, maybe that will help with the pain somewhat.

  3. I am sorry to read that things have been such a stuggle for you lately! Sending lots of hugs and hope that it all turns around soon :) xx