Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spoilt myself....

Today I got my nails done, they are done in a magnetic blue looks cool..... I am finally feeling like life is worth continuing now..... the pain has been ok for a couple of days so here is hoping it will last.... the only thing I am really missing is wearing my rings on my hand.... one day :)
Am still loving my hair though it looks pretty messy in this picture lol just need to do some makeup and I will feel really great :).

Anyway am behind in my study today so better get going.

Did some study, so all good and now trying to warm up in the sun..... Lee-Anne I get my nails done at Exquisite and have the Go30's.....


  1. Awesome Jackie. Hey whereabouts did you go...

  2. Love the nails & the hair. I am glad you are feeling a lot better & long may it last.

    Keep doing nice things for yourself :-)

    Can you put the rings on a chain & wear them as a necklace in the meantime?

    Have a fantastic day :-)

  3. Love the blue nails. They are very fancy!

    Your hair still looks great as well. Hope you have a good day:)

  4. Great to hear you sounding more positive. Pain has that horrible ability to make us feel really down eh :( Hope it improves with the new meds. Enjoy keeping warm......really overcast and cold down here today :(