Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Today I just might

do some study for a change, well actually I don't have to much to finish off today, then tomorrow will complete the assignment ready to go in on Thursday about 10 days early yay which gives me heaps of time to do the next one :) Oh and must go and get some groceries as well....

Thats it from me for now.... oh and I have added some blogs to my list on the left of new ones I have found, they are a mixture check them out :)

Just got back from my walk and my arms have turned a lovely shade of purple so am expecting the same thing to happen, what happened yesterday they will flare up, again only a 600 meter walk. Except this time I can not take tramadol till after I have picked up the kids from school, cause I certainly don't drive when I have had it. 

Study is done for the day so at least now I can relax :)


  1. Hope your arm will be okay today Jackie. I really like the signature you have added!

    I've tried to watch the movie 'Earthlings' before but just couldn't sit through it. Not through ignorance but more from self preservation. I know what happens and it is awful.

    Unfortunately I can't afford all free range/organic but just try to do the best I can. Plant based with various proteins does best for me. I'm not anti grain but know I don't feel the best when I have too many.

    It should be easy to just eat shouldn't it? Between head, health and preferences it's not always a smooth road. I'm still not sure there is one answer. Just lots of different roads:)

  2. Thanks for the chat tonight Jackie. Really appreciated it. xxxx