Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Today ummmmmm think I might do some study just for a change, have no car today so a stay at home day for me. Both kids are home as well.... Really hope the car will be ready by the weekend :).

Hope to get on the Exercycle some time today, if not then a small walk will be on the cards, depending on what the weather will be doing. 

Last night I was in pain in my arms and legs, between the double drive to Hamilton and then study yesterday it just got to much. No pain relief was working and I had a crap sleep thank goodness for talkback on the radio :), today am still very sore but the study must go on. But you know what though I am in more pain I still don't regret coming of the meds which made me a zombie. 

Well thats it for now, catch you later if anything exciting happens in my day :)

So far day is going well, just did my exercycle drunk my water, finished study for the day..... and food is going great :)

If you look to the left you will see this blog "kindred spirits", or just click "here", she has this awesome shop on her blog all to do with fair trade etc.... As I am addicted to bags I have found a couple I love now which one to get lol. 
Day has gone well, am sore and tired but feeling ok if that makes sense.

Food on track

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