Saturday, May 19, 2012

Weekend is here....

Did I mention how much I love my new bag and bracelets well I do..... :)

Actually I am feeling a bit better the last 24 hours, but am not going to get to excited yet, wish the meds would turn up. 

Chico as I write this is at the groomers getting a haircut, hope to have some pics later today.

Was planning to go to the Anne Frank exhibition today at the Museum BUT it finished 2 weeks a go bugger it.... but think we will go out for a bit as I am feeling slightly better and think some fresh air will do me good. 

Anyway going to make some bacon and eggs for breakfast and see if I can keep it down. 

Chico beforehand and what a mess she was looking....... (sorry photos are a bit blurred)

 Chico after and we got her a new coat, hope she likes this one better than the last one. 


  1. Hope your weekend goes well and that bag was really lovable.

    Jane has promised to get me something when she goes to Bali in July. I haven't used a bag for years, just my tiny cash purse but now I seem, to have multiple bits and pieces. Can't wait to see what she gets me.


  2. Love that you are so happy with your bag and bracelets - use them in happiness !
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Chico looks very cute. That is the sort of jumper we got Coco the other day... and within days it had stretched totally out of shape and fell off her. The pet shop refunded my money.
    I hope your one does not do the same thing.

  4. Chico looks so darn cute and adorable, THANKS for the birthday wishes I got some scorched almonds which I shared, and a wrehouse gift cardand brekkie from my son I have said no more pressies or buying we ARE SAVING... Blardy freezing this morning due for a -3 frost tomorrow went for my first walk IN LIKE ages!!!! in me new shoes was nice....