Monday, May 7, 2012

What the.... Monday already

Well what have I been up to.... Quite a bit actually well for me anyway.

Last week was study study study, Friday night I drove to Hamilton to meet the ex to drop the kids off, Saturday we went to the Mount, where I purchased a few things, a new non stick frypan, an iPhone speaker thingee for my iPhone for in the bedroom, oh and a new bread maker, bread maker I hear you say when I am doing low carbs, well because I am not cutting out carbs completely and you got to admit it is nice to have a slice of yummy hot fresh bread on a cold winter Sunday morning.... And as I am doing the 80/20 rule with carbs it works perfect for me. And at least this way it is all natural :) and then on Sunday I drove to Hamilton again to pick up the kids, this is the first time I have done both trips in months and months.... And I am sure David enjoyed some time out form me as well lol. Must admit I am paying a bit for it today pain wise and study is a bit of a struggle but I don't care cause I am going to win this battle :).

Car won't be ready till about Thursday or Friday, so we are using one car between us which I am sure we will survive lol. Am hoping it will be ready by the weekend....

So that's about it from me for now....

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