Thursday, June 28, 2012

And we trial another splint!!!!

We are trialing another splint, how many is this, maybe number 100, ok not quite that many but lets say I am getting quite a collection. This one is hopefully a lot cooler with the holes and it goes over the arm rather than under where the burning pain is worse.... I use it at nights cause, I am waking up many a time with my hands and wrists clenched and it is so painful to unclench......

If this splint works we will get another one for the other arm in about a weeks time. 

Oh the laptop table I got yesterday is wonderful.....:)


  1. Oh, I hope it works !!!! Will be waiting to see how you go with it.
    Take care !

  2. It looks a lot more comfortable so I hope it works.


  3. Glad the table is working. Good luck with the new splint. Hope it's a keeper and helps:)