Monday, June 25, 2012

Bloody Monday....

I am not well today so watch out anyone who gets in my way..... I feel so bloody nauseous but do not want to take to many Buccastem as it has a bad side effect called Tardive Dyskinsia and is quite common for the combination of meds I am on.... so today I am going to try and not have any and try to cut back down on my pain meds, I can not keep taking this amount day after day.

Today I start tracking should be easy with the way I am feeling lol. 

God I wish it was school holidays this week and not next, the kids will be going to Auckland for an extra few days as they have missed a few weekends, with me not being able to drive...

Anyway time to drop the kids off at school. 

So much for not having pain meds or nausea tablet, I just had to have both, I felt so much like crap.... I hate this f**kin pain

Shit just remembered I need to pick up the kids early, Chris has a doctor appointment.... Bugger last thing I feel like doing. Found this on a blog and loved it....

Am feeling better now the meds have kicked in, maybe it is just going to have to be, taking meds everyday. Oh well of to pick up the kids for a specialist appointment.


  1. Hang in there hon.. you've taken the first step today... now it's just stringing lots of little steps together..

    We can do this..


  2. I think taking the meds to dull the pain is the right thing to do... cos pain just wears you down after a while.
    I like that saying too.