Friday, June 29, 2012


Whoops helps if I post a post before I hit publish lol....

Anyway this morning I slept in till 9am, not like me to sleep in - lucky the kids were not going to school and would have slept longer had it not been for alarm reminder going off for my meds.

The splint worked pretty good, I did not clench my fist once yay, but did not have that good a sleep because I kept waking up with the splint just not being used to it on my arm.... so a couple of nights and that will be fine. If this works will get another one made for the other arm when I see the hand therapist next. 

Today am hopefully driving to Hamilton, or David will to drop the kids off they will up there for a few extra days not sure how many yet....

A gorgeous day here in Rotorua, lots of blue sky and sun, lest hop it lasts for the weekend :)

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  1. Hope you sleep better tonight. You should have a nice day for your drive tomorrow.