Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A little disappointed....

Yesterday we went to Hamilton to pick up the kids, and went to the The Base (a shopping mall), and we decided not to try the wheelchair, bad move after 15 minutes of slow strolling, my feet were beginning to burn and itch, I was shaking and dizzy and I was in pain, I wanted to try and see how it went. So we sat down had a cup of coffee and waited for the ex to arrive. (I had left the wheelchair at home), oh well we know for next time. 

Am feeling positive about finishing the social work degree now, just got to cross fingers I get in. 

Today I am meeting my reader/writer for my exams which begin next week, scary stuff.....

Today will involve study and tracking and not going to worry about exercise so much till after the exams.

Have a good day one and all :)

Oh yeah and if I do get accepted back into the social work degree, it will mean that at the end of August I will be coming to Palmerston North for a contact course, and Albany early September for another contact course. 

1 comment:

  1. Shame about the wheelchair. You must have been so disappointed when all the horrible symptoms came back.

    All the best with your reader/writer. It's quite a special relationship.