Thursday, June 21, 2012

Miss Chico and Miss Biscuit....

Thought it was about time I took a couple of photos.... all self explanatory :)

Today is the first day I have felt somewhat normal.... still in pain but am coping for now with massive amounts of pain meds.... for now not much else to report catch you soon :)


  1. Wow Chico looks so bug now! She looks bigger than her mum!
    Both dogs are very cute if ya ask me.

    Sorry you are having to take so much pain relief... I hope the CRPS settles down soon.

  2. ignore the typo's.. me glasses broke and I can't see properly!

  3. Yes Coco will be having another litter... I think she's due to go into season in a month or two... never can tell with dogs!
    So we should have a new litter of puppies (OMG SO exciting!) by December!
    You can have first pick!!! lol

  4. Love Chico is the flower pot and Biscuit on the table!

    It's such a bummer you have to take so many drugs. Hope they are working at least.