Sunday, June 10, 2012

Nice to catch up....

Met up with Margie-Anne and her husband again was lovely thank you.....

Then went and took the kids out for lunch, did not enjoy it really for the one and only reason I was feeling like utter crap again, can't wait to see the GP on Wednesday to get some anti nausea pills, or maybe find out why I am feeling like this.....

I am over feeling like this... Exams start on Thursday not looking forward to it al all..... Please let me feel better for them!!

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  1. Thank-you for coming to see us. John has anti-nausea pills for enieres disease. I hope there is something that you can take compatible with your other medication.

    Hope you feel better after a rest.


  2. Bummer about feeling ill.... maybe it's just cos you are in so much pain?
    Fingers crossed you get something to help before your exam on Thursday.