Thursday, June 7, 2012


This morning I had my psychologist appointment was good, we are doing monthly for now.....

Now onto some study, as this time next week I will be doing my exam eeekkkkk.....

Oh and have emailed Massey about getting accepted back into their social work degree.... hope they let me back in.

Oh and end of August 30th/31st I think is when I have my contact course in Palmerston North, David will be driving me down as I can not drive the distance, depending on how we go would love to catch up with some of you and Janine I am hoping you are about then :), we have accommodation susssed we think... staying in a motel ;), hope to make it a nice mini holiday.

Back later maybe :)


  1. Good luck getting back into the course.

  2. I can't imagine why they would not let you back in.

    The trip south is something special to look forward to.


  3. Hope all goes well for exams and also that you get back into the course you want.
    Unfortunately wont be able to catch up when you are down this way as we will be in the land of Oz. Maybe one day we will catch up again. I still remember our lunch first time meeting at Bethlehem :)