Saturday, June 9, 2012

Time to knuckle down...

Time to sort out my life, time to get back on track, pain and all. I need some goals and I need to keep them in my mind all the time, so I don't lose focus.......
1) Finish my Social Work degree, this is something I am quite excited about as I can see an end.
2) Focus on my weight loss and find out what works and stick with it

That's about all I can think about for now, which considering the condition I am in is actually doing quite well :). Am trying to work out what to do with my bottom teeth, thanks to the CRPS they are crumbling away, top ones are ok at this stage, might look into getting them out completely and get a bottom denture. Apparently it is quite common to have teeth problems with CRPS, and then when the top ones start getting to bad might look at dentures for them. Need to find a dentist that works with CRPS patients and also need to discuss with my pain doctor.

Like most days have not done much, except trying to study, easier said than done lately. Am hoping to catch up with Margie-Anne tomorrow....

So on that note I am outta here for now....

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  1. ditto to all the above. thats my life atm

  2. Hi Jackie. I'm really dumb. I haven't saved your phone number.

    Can you text me a good time to visit? If you feel like going out you could come here to our Penthouse 21 Lake Road.

    027 272 6798


  3. It's good to have goals to aim for - good luck !!
    Enjoy the weekend and take care.