Tuesday, June 26, 2012


No I didn't track yesterday, but I also know I did not eat many points, felt like crap all day, but a new day today, meds taken, nausea tablet dissolving in my mouth as I type..... so hopefully today will be a better day.

Both kids are home today, Chris cause he has bad croup, fancy being 16 and still getting it very rare for kids this age to get it, he has had it pretty much all his life, Steph home for no reason.....

Speaking of Chris yesterday we had an appointment with the mental health team, and after 9 years being involved with them, they have discharged Chris cause he is doing so well.... for those of you who don't know Chris has Tourettes, OCD, Aspergers and possible Bi-polar but for now he is doing fantastic, they are still there if we need them. It was kind off a bittersweet departure as we have been with them for so long and at one stage there we were seeing them weekly for a couple of years so they have been a big part of our life. But it is great that he is so settled that we don't them now.... so all the hard work has paid off..... :)

Anyway thats it from me for now....

A couple of pics, little Miss Scruffbag, who is going in to get spayed, microchipped and get her hernia done in a couple of weeks :)

And lovely Miss Biscuit thinking she is queen of the castle :)


  1. That's awesome about Chris but I can understand your feelings. Hope he's over the croup quickly.

    Great to see Aussie Anne back too.


  2. What great news about Chris, you must be so proud of him & I hope he is proud of himself too.

  3. That's so great that your son is doing well. Good on you all!

  4. You have some quite cute little dogs there! What breed is Miss Biscuit? :)