Monday, June 4, 2012


Apart from a bit of a runny nose, I am feeling just about right..... and the pain has decreased to a level I can cope with mostly, with pain meds of course... A few weeks ago I was not sure I was even going to make the trip to Aussie next year but now I feel it could be possible again :)

So now the nausea has gone well most of the time, I am going to focus on my weight loss again. 

Today we are off to Hamilton to pick up the kids... I think David will drive and we go over a bit early to have a look at the base :)

Catch you later. 

Even though I am back tracking, I am going to try and eat as natural as possible.... the day here is absolutely gorgeous outside, a lovely day for a drive and a bit of an outing :)

Also now I am of sane mind I have changed my degree back to Bachelor of Social Work, it seemed such a shame to waste all the papers I have done and it also means I can be nearly complete end of next year. I will continue to do some rehab programs because I would still like to work in the area of rehab. Now I just have to hope they will accept me back in for the Social Work degree......

Am starting to feel positive about life again :)

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  1. Hope you have a really nice day.

    I'll ring you next Saturday afternoon to see how you are.

    Did you know those hideous prove you're not a robot words have come back.