Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A nice surprise....

This arrived on our doorstep today, apparently when we got the vacuum cleaner on the weekend, we got this as well.... we didn't even know it came as part of the package lol :)

Have just back from the doctors after doing an ECG, if that comes back fine we will be starting me on methadone. So should know in the next day or two.

Study has been going well, nice to be back into it :)


  1. That tiny steamer looks very handy. Funny how yesterday I just commented about a steamer!

    Hope your ECG results are okay.

  2. I really really wish there was an alternative to methadone. From what I have read & what I know it is more addictive than most heavy drugs.

  3. That looks really good to have on hand for little jobs that need to be done.
    Glad to hear your studies are going well - keep it up !
    Have the best day !