Thursday, July 26, 2012

Another week nearly gone....

I am coming of my current meds, ready to start the new meds next week Friday. 

This morning I went to my psychologist as I have been feeling a bit down, so we had a good talk and came away feeling a fraction better with a plan....

This weekend the kids are going to their dads, we may go to Tauranga on Saturday to the farmers market if I feel up to it, already I am noticing a pain increase as I decrease the current meds.

My pain specialist has started me on a muscle relaxer as I am having heaps of spasms, so another med to add to the concoction, I have lost count of how many meds I have a day.... bloody ridiculous that you have to take so much just to have a semi normal life.

A few Uncles and Aunties in Holland are having a rough time with cancer etc, Dad has 9 brothers and sisters and mum has 13 brothers and sisters, quite a few have already passed thanks to cancer and now there are a couple more really unwell and does not look like they will last long. I have met them all when I went to Holland when I was 16, which seems like a million years ago now.

Apart from that not much else happening, studying and that's about it :)


  1. Sorry to hear about the hiccup with your meds - how good would it be if you could find out what works for you - I hope you do very very soon !!!!
    Take care and look after yourself !
    Have the best day ever.

  2. Sounds like a few rough days coming up. Hope they go better than expected.

    Oh! I thought we could buy one of those voucher books for our own use. I'm sure we's get good value out of one.

    Can you tell us what we have to do to get one. Thanks


  3. I can totally relate to your Dutch relatives, my father was one of 10 he is gone and there are only 3 brothers left now, and my mother who is nearly 90 is the only one left in her family. We are here in Australia and I went over and met them when I was 17, also a long time ago.

  4. Sorry to hear about all those meds. That must be a really frustrating way for your to live. I used to have all my summer holidays in Mt Wanganui near Tauranga. Such a beautiful part of the world (I hope I have the spelling write!) xx