Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chico and Biscuit.....

I am now taking the ensure meal replacement twice a day at the moment, cause I feel so run down, I can not even remember when I last had a full dinner meal. The twins have been cooking dinners, Steph the meat and Chris the stir-fry :). Could get used to this, they are doing it cause me cooking it makes me ill. 

Photos of my puppies below:

Chico enjoying the heater :)
Biscuit enjoying the lazaboy, yes spoilt puppies I know :)
Miss Chico stitches after her surgery for hernia and spaying and her microchip :) 
Kids are off to Auckland this weekend, Steph will be bringing her car back, so she is one excited girl lol. It is really good Steph being able to drive now, she does one of the trips to Hamilton, will be even better when she gets her full license in about 2 years lol.  And we are hoping to catch up with Lee-Anne and Mr T for lunch on Saturday, hope I am feeling ok so I can have something to eat, will make sure I take the nausea tablet. 

For now thats it from me ;)

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