Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Chico is doing well....

Chico is doing really well, she is still sleeping a lot today with the kids.

Am not having a good day today, very nauseous, the pain specialist and I have been discussing my meds and it looks like I will be changing to methadone in the next few weeks. I will trial it and see, I still have about 3 weeks of the meds I am on now to finish off. First off we need to do an EEG and check I have no heart problems, which will probably be done next week. 

Will get some photos of Chico soon to put up here :)

No tummy photos yet, she will not let me take a tummy pic lol...

 Not the best of photos due to light but was lovely to see them side by side.
 A nice close up, underbite and all :)

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  1. hey jackie. sat sounds fine for us.will be in touch tomorrow.