Monday, July 9, 2012

Chico is in doggy hospital....

Today she is getting spayed, her hernia out and microchipped...... poor baby, I am sure she will be fine though. She will be home later this afternoon, miss her already and she is only be gone 30 minutes :(

Today am going to start some study and off to the hand therapist to get the splint made for my left arm....

Weigh in today and stayed the same, am happy with that cause this week I had some good days with normal meals, and also have added the meal replacement :)

David just rung and Chico is doing well, a little drowsy but fine yay.... he will pick her up at about 4.30pm and the fun part comes trying not to let her jump etc....


  1. Thinking of you as you wait to collect Chico. At least you aren't sitting at home all the time. Hope the splint works as well on the other wrist.


  2. Poor Chico is getting the full treatment today! Hope her recovery is quick. I guess she'll be a bucket head for a bit.

  3. Hope Chico is on the mend.

    Col was diagnosed with CRPS yesterday. The hospital have forwarded their findings to our GP so he will be going to see her today.

    Thanks for setting this blog up. It's been very helpful as he was able to read it and get more insight. xxx

    Take each day as it comes aye.