Saturday, July 21, 2012

Finding the right balance....

Sometimes trying to find the right balance is so hard...... yesterday I was playing with the steam thingee and overdid it. Today and last night I am paying for it, with pain nausea and spasms. 

This morning we went to Davids mum to fix her phones which she thought were broken which they wernt, got to love old people lol - anyway while we were there we discovered her fridge was broken and everything defrosted lucky it was not to much stuff in there, so Monday, someone is coming around to fix it. We then went out for breakfast - wrong move cause I was not well. So now I am home relaxing and spasming - fun NOT!!!

David has taken Steph out for her drivers lesson, tomorrow morning Miss Chico gets her stitches removed will be happy when they are gone cause she keeps playing with them - silly pup.


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  1. Hope you are feeling better today. How is Chico?