Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy Girl....

 This is my daughters new car, it is better than mine lol..... She is happy with it and today hopefully we will bringing it home as it is still in Auckland at her dads. 
 Yesterday we went to the Home Show in Rotorua, it was quite good...... but busy. First time I had used the chair in a while but was nice to get out for more than half an hour. 

 After the Home Show we pooped around to see David's mum as she was having problems with her phones, which I managed to fix :). We were talking about the Home Show and she asked if I liked anything, I said yes a vacuum cleaner that was much lighter than our heavy one we have at home and I really struggle with, with the CRPS, and then the best ever she offered to buy it for us, but because it was so expensive we are going halves in it with her. But boy we tried it last night and I had only vacuumed on Friday but it picked up heaps and heaps of dust etc.... it is easy to move around and it is brilliant :)

Today we are heading of to Hamilton to pick up the kids and new car, David will be with Steph in her car and I will drive my one home. 

The day here is miserable and raining :(. 

1 comment:

  1. Wow lucky girl getting a car!
    And that vacuum cleaner looks neat!
    I am sure you will enjoy using it.. even though vacuuming is the pits!