Monday, July 2, 2012

A new week and weigh in....

I weighed and lost 500 grams so am happy with that :), so that means a total loss of 2.4 kilos, slowly but surly will win the race, decided there is no time limit on this what will be will be. 

My god that splint is a godsend, I have had 3 reasonable sleeps in a row, and feeling so much better for it, though having said that yesterday I was shattered think it was the trip on Saturday. 

Today am hoping to get a bit of study in, but will play that by ear. 

It is another gorgeous day here in Rotorua, bloody cold in the mornings but worth it for the blue sky and sun. 

Angel - Biscuit is a whippet cross, not sure what else we think a boxer, she was going to be killed if David didn't take her as she was suppose to be a pig dog but was no good at it. 

Anyway back later maybe :)


  1. Hi Jackie. Glad the splint continues to help. Time something did.

    I listed to this podcast yesterday and am so impressed the book is on order from Amazon. It sounds as though it is very helpful for people who have spent a lifetime working on weight loss and especially if we have high stress levels.

    Hope you have time to listen.


  2. That's great that the new splint is working well for you:)

    I would never have guessed that Biscuit was Whippet. They are a favourite breed of mine.