Thursday, July 19, 2012

Not such a nice surprise....

Well the Sharp I mean Shark portable steam pocket that arrived yesterday was not a freebee... it was sent to us by mistake, got the phone-call yesterday afternoon. Anyway after David and I talked about it, and decided to see if they would give it to us for a good price, we rung them back and made a deal on it, and got it at quite a good price. 

What an afternoon yesterday turned out to be.... Steph wanted to take her car for a drive but when we went to use it we could not get the alarm to work so after a few phone-calls to the alarm guy in Rotorua we discovered it was not the alarm but a flat car battery, whoops after Steph and I were fiddling with it on Monday we forgot to turn the interior light off. So rung AA which I am glad we were a member off they came and jump started it and we went for a lesson to charge the car battery.

Tracy I know all about the methadone side effects and addiction, but I have no choice but to try it if I want to help with some of the pain, and have a life of some sort, the meds I am on now come under the same category as methadone, and I would happily stay on it if I could afford it but I do not have a spare few hundred dollars a month for the meds and ACC will not fund it. If I want a life I have to trial this, I have 100% faith in my pain specialist and we have spent many a chats talking about this decision. I am still waiting to hear on the ECG results to see if I am even a candidate for it. 

I am just hoping and praying that in the near future they will find a cure for CRPS...... in the meantime I have a life and I want to be able to enjoy some of it :).

It was rather chilly this morning, with a humungous frost, and boy did that affect my CRPS, but the day has turned out stunning... I have had all the doors open and the sun is streaming in love it. It is days like this that make me feel that life is worth it. :) 

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  1. It's great to hear that you continue to build a meaningful life despite of CRPS. It's not always that easy but that's what you have to do. Never lose hope!