Sunday, July 1, 2012

Saturday we went

to the farmers market in Tauranga, though we had a heavy frost, the day was brilliant as you can see..... we then went for a small drive to the Mount, and then popped in for a visit to a friend in Tauranga :)

It was a lovely day blue sky, sun just enough out to warm you but not make me ill.... sun does that to me with CRPS. 

The photos are a bit bright cause I was trying out a new light thing on my camera, but think I will go back to normal settings....

Photo at the petrol Station got to love that blue sky for winter :)
The rest are at the Farmers market in Tauranga, they have a really nice one, well worth going to. 

And this car I found ever so ugly but cute, only had 2 seats )
After that came home and had the Dutch sausages we got at the Dutch Shop, we went there as well :), by the time we got home I was knackered and sore, but still loved the day out :)

Oh and forgot to add I have two wonderful nights sleep with the splint..... Yay :)

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  1. Glad to hear splint is working. Must feel amazing to sleep well after so many bad nights.

    Tauranga Market sounds really nice.

    Hope you're keeping warm today. Bleak here.