Saturday, July 7, 2012


This morning we went to the Dutch Market, it is only small but boy it was packed..... lots and lots of people from all over but mainly dutch people.... the second photo is part of a mural they have on the wall. The markets sell dutch food yummmm... and they are about once every three months or so. Photos are pretty boring sorry and a little blurry, thanks to the shakes I have.

By the time we left there I was tired and sore so home we went to veg out... Today I got some Ensure meal replacement, as I am not eating properly this will give me at least one meal with all the nutrients I need. Most days I am still nauseous. Also I am having heaps of full body spasms not fun!!!

Tomorrow I am not sure what our plans are yet, suppose will depend on how I feel when I wake up....


  1. I've never heard of the Dutch Market. How interesting but sorry you are not so well.


  2. What a fun market. I've never heard of a Dutch market and didn't know there were so many Dutch living in NZ. xx