Monday, July 23, 2012

Stupid Blogger

Was trying to update 2 videos but wouldn't work so here you have only one of Chico might try the other one tomorrow, it is of Chico and Biscuit playing together.....
I was hoping Miss Chico would play in the water like she normally does lol, but no she went and did a wee wee lol. 

I have the ECG results back and will be trying the methadone, so cross fingers it works good for me.


  1. ha ha, she almost did the splits! And she took a while finding the 'perfect' spot to go too! so cute.

  2. Thanks for the vid. Didn't want a wet bum obviously She looks so well
    & loved
    Mary H

  3. She was doing whole laps of the backyard to find the right spot!