Friday, July 6, 2012

Weekend is nearly upon us...

Went for my eye test and he feels it s just natural progression with my eyes, so hopefully wearing the glasses more should  solve the issue, so pleased about that..... it just happened to coincide with the meds. So am stoked cause these meds are certainly working. 

Stephs car is now insured yay... we are going to organise to bring it down for her next weekend So that will be good, she can learn in her car. 

This weekend not sure what we will do....  

Yay just got my other paper back and passed, so 2/3 I can cope with that :)

Oh and in case some of you thought my eyesight changes could have been from diabetes or pre-diabetes, well it isn't... all my blood tests have come back fine for everything to do with diabetes, and optometrist said that the changes were not from diabetes as well :) .  

1 comment:

  1. Well done on passing your exams - good work !

    Glad to hear that your glasse are helping and that your meds are working.

    Have a great weekend - hope it isn't too cold over there.