Monday, July 16, 2012

Weigh Day....

I vacuumed the house with the new vacuum cleaner, was bliss and so exciting lol, I love new toys.

Anyway weighed in and lost 1.2 Kilos, slowly but surly the scales are moving in the right direction.

Raining here today and all stupid Chico wants to do is play out in it, silly pup :)

Steph's car is now here in Rotorua so she is happy :)

Oh and Uni begins today so back into the study :)


  1. Your daughters car is very pretty. Lucky her!

    A new vacuum is like a toy. I want a steam mop to be my next cleaning toy.

    Happy studying:)

  2. Sadly the delight of a new vacuum will fade!
    My dogs don't like the rain at all! I'm sure they 'hold on' until they are busting before they go outside. lol

    Coco just went into heat again... so she's meeting up with her 'boyfriend' next week! Then in two months after that she will have her next litter of pups!
    OMG I can't wait!
    Mad considering how much expense and work it will involve!