Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Yesterday I felt......

Fantastic, I did not need a nausea tablet and had breakfast and lunch......and a small dinner. Was hoping it would last but no such luck, feel like utter crap today bugger.

But seeing as I am not going out anywhere I am not going to take the nausea tablet....

Have not been studying will start Thursday as David is taking tomorrow off, hope I am feeling like I did yesterday :). Not sure what we will be doing, weather looks like crap....

Anyway going to veg in front of the TV and read a book on my iPad.... Am hoping if I do zilch today tomorrow will be a good one :)

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  1. It's unsettling to have good days followed by not so good. I hope you can find out if there is a reason some days are so much better than others.

    Enjoy your day with David tomorrow.


  2. Thanks for removing the 'Not a Robot' thing.

    So much easier to submit comment now.


  3. Hope the feeling fantastic days come back soon.