Saturday, August 25, 2012

A day without rain....

Well where we were anyway, after a relaxing sleep in this morning we went to Tauranga, met up with my dad for a coffee, then we went to the Mount where my darling husband purchased me 2 really nice tops, we also went to the dutch shop and purchased some things as well, we got this cool little windmill, but they packed it wrong and it is broken so will have to ring them and take it back next time we are over.

Steph drove her car over, so she had a good lesson going through the gorge with all the sharp corners... and a bonus we filled her car up with petrol.

By the end I was pretty knackered as I didn't use the chair, and my ankle was really swollen by the end of it all, pain wise though I was sore it was a bearable pain.....

Oh yeah got me these cool hippy colored ballet type shoes, just cheapy ones to see if I can wear them first and then if I can I will get some better quality ones in different colors.  

So even though I am tired and sore, it is a happy tired and sore and I know I will sleep well tonight, and may even sleep in again tomorrow morning. 

Tomorrow will be quiet, hope to see David's mum, and want to get a pair of leggings to go with one of the tops I got today, and that will be about it I think 

Have a great night all, I am going to blob in front of the TV and watch some stuff I have downloaded :)


  1. Good isn't it!

    We are hoping for another sunny day tomorrow.

    You had a big day and good on Stef. That's no mean drive.

    Hope the pain stays away.


  2. Glad you had a lovely day and your pain levels were bearable.
    Leggings... hmmmm...

  3. Glad the ballet flats worked out !