Monday, August 20, 2012

And just for something different....

it has decided to rain again... so no sun today, or walk outside, in fact nothing is going to happen outside today at all....

Kids only have 1 more day of school then they have a week off, for exams.....  Chris is going up to Auckland on Thursday, he is busing up and him and his dad are going to have a male weekend together, Steph will be staying here :)

This afternoon I am going to visit Davids mum, they have discovered some thing with her they want to check out further... crossing fingers it is nothing to serious.

Apart from that it is the same ole same ole, study etc...

Have a great day one and all :) 

Well it still is raining ggggrrrrr no wonder I am getting grumpy, think I will just have to wear my brighter summer clothes anyway, maybe then the sun will peep through. 


  1. waves to you... have a great day LOL :) hope all is ok with David's mum too

  2. Hi
    I would love to see some rain here. It looked like it would earlier on, but nothing happened. Thanks for visiting my blog and the congratulations.